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Delta Max Ballisticards
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Introducing the "Delta Max"

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In the never-ending quest for the ultimate ballistics data card the Delta Max was designed. There is a definite need for reference data that can be taken almost anywhere in the world and adapted to various temperature and altitude conditions, without resorting to multiple cards or flipping through bulky data books.

Here are the features of the Delta Max:

This new system can be as basic or advanced as the user’s skill level.  The data can simply be applied at face value for the specified conditions.  Or, when necessary for greater precision, it can be adapted to a variety of temperatures and elevations.  Easy to follow instructions are provided.

This is a hybrid form of the popular mid-temperature (59o F) “Delta 2” Ballisticards.  The new “Delta Max” system is available at this time for .308 cal. only - see models available on order page.

Delta Max Ballisticards are available now for only $22.95. Custom Delta Max Ballisticards can be calculated for your specific requirements provided you supply chronograph velocities for your rifle and ammunition, for three temperatures.  When you do this you must keep your ammunition out of hot direct sunlight and not keep a round sitting in a hot chamber any longer than necessary when chronographing.  There are certain limitations to this custom service so call if you are interested. Price on request.

Ballisticards are currently in use by U.S. Army, Navy and Marine Corps Special Forces Units and Local, State and Federal law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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